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  • Are Duck Roofs Noisy?

    To gauge the impact of roofing on noise levels, they used data gathered from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Protection's roof-less building data database and analyzed data from numerous other sources, including building permits, local and state records, and even photos from a New Hampshire television crew.

  • Can Ducks Build Good Roofs

    The problem is, we've been making progress for the last 20 years or so," says Joe Shumate, professor of architectural history at Stanford University. "Ducks like to keep their roofs warm, but there are all kinds of problems with that

  • Can You Make A Roof From Ice

    If you try to put a roof on the bird, it can actually get stuck in the ice, and the bird can freeze." An ice rink provides a steady, cool surface on which birds can climb or fly. The same is true for an ice rink. A roof's only purpose is to keep birds warm. If a bird is being lifted up from itthats bad news for the duck and the roof

  • Do Ducks Like Roofs?

    Birds tend to go where food is plentiful. This can be seen in some trees, where birds are less likely to go if there are other birds nearby. And it's also true for some landscapes. If the trees are hard and rocky, this is where ducks tend to go. If the trees are soft, and birds are more common in other area

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